Rural Route Creations | 2010 Missouri State Fair -- sheep, hogs and goats

8-12-10 FFA Mrkt Lambs8-12-10 4-H Mrkt Lambs8-13-10 4-H On Foot Barrow Show8-13-10 Wether Dam Candids8-13-10 FFA On Foot Barrow Show8-14-10 FFA/4-H Breeding Sheep8-14-10 Open On Foot Barrow Show8-11-10 Mrkt Hog Showmanship8-11-10 mrkt lamb showmanship8-12-10 Growth and Quality Carcass Barrows8-13-10 Champion Overall On Foot Barrow8-13-10 On Foot Barrow Backdrops8-13-10 Wether Dam Backdrops8-14-10 Sheep Fitting and Awards8-15-10 Junior/PeeWee Leadline8-15-10 Next Generation Sheep Breeders8-15-10 Senior Leadline8-15-10 Swine Showmanship- spots, chesters, polands, berks8-16-10 4-H Boar Goat Showmanship Candids8-16-10 Breeding Boar Goat Show8-16-10 4-H/FFA Wether Goat Show8-16-10 Breeding Boar Goat Show8-16-10 Chester Whites8-16-10 Hampshire Sheep show8-16-10 Hampshire Special Presentation8-16-10 Jim Riley Hamps8-16-10 Other Swine Purebreds -Tams, Herefords, Landrace8-16-10 Oxfords and Natural Colors Breed Shows8-16-10 Polands8-16-10 Tunis and Katahdin Breed Shows8-17-10 Berkshire Show8-17-10 Cooper the Dog8-17-10 Dorset and Rambouillet Breed Shows8-17-10 Montadale and Corridale Breed Shows8-17-10 Open Boar Goat Show8-17-10 Spot Breed Show8-17-10 Suffolk Breed Show8-18-10 Southdowns and Shropshire Shows8-19-10 Swine Showmanship - cross gilt york, duroc, hamp8-20-10 4-H/FFA Dairy Goat/Kinder Shows8-20-10 Durocs8-20-10 Water Fight8-20-10 Yorkshire Breed Show8-21-10 Carcass Special Awards Presentation8-21-10 Crossbred Gilts8-21-10 Dairy Goat Costume Contest8-21-10 Fastest Milking Goat Contest8-21-10 Hampshire Hog Show8-21-10 Kindred Goat Show8-21-10 Open Junior Does8-22-10 Peewee Dairy Goat Showmanship8-22-10 Open Senior Does8-22-10 Open Sr. Does/Kindred Goats